Deadman’s Dream (Vancouver)

Deadman’s Dream, a photo by Christopher M. on Flickr.

Via Flickr :
Simple things. Small things. Those are the treasured moments for me. The ones that warm my soul.
A walk or talk. Smiles and greetings. Shared food or drinks. A drive somewhere. Hugs.

Sam has zipped through the last 2 swimming levels. He looks forward to every single lesson. Last night we went to a wave pool. I offered a few times to help in the deep end but it was refused. « I’m a fish now », was his response. And off he’d go. Interesting to see him growing and learning. On the way home we stopped at Safeway for a few items. He chose to stay in the car. When I got back he had drawn on the window fog. Little stick figures. One labelled ‘me’, the other ‘dad’. The word ‘happy’ was on top. Surrounded by a smiley face. With a few little hearts thrown in.
I gave him a hug and we went home to read. Inside I could not be warmer.

This photo was taken from the private side of Deadman’s Island around midnight. Stanley Park is behind the boats and pier. Either I’m allowed to walk here at a very low tide or the Defense Department was blissfully unaware.


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